Monday, March 5, 2012

Comfort yourself with the Top 5 Massage Therapy

It is a fact that the oldest way of treating your tired body after a day of hard labor is massage therapy. Well, there are over-the-counter capsules and aspirin that can take away the aching body pain. However, massage is still the most comforting means to pamper your stressed body.

Here is the top five massage therapy that you can choose from.

Swedish Massage. It relieves tensions on joints as well as on muscles. The kneading strokes are aimed to soothe the whole body. The strokes go from muscles that are slightly grabbed and pulled to pushing deep circles through the thickest muscle. Tapping, beating and chopping strokes add to the pressure which fully relieved the tension on the muscles and joints.

Sports Massage. Its techniques are somewhat similar to Swedish massage but this massage is aimed to relieve the needs of athletes. It is mostly used before a competition to warm up the body.

Deep Tissue Massage. It primarily treats the chronic tension throughout the muscles of the whole body. The pressure is greater with slow strokes yet deep friction and pressure as it aimed to relieve the five layers of muscles. Elbows are occasionally used to massage depending on the needs of the person.

Neuromuscular Massage. A type of deep tissue massage which is primarily concerned with treating every muscle and nerve of the body. It regulates blood circulation in order to reduce headaches and pain on joints.

Craniosacral Therapy. The concentration of massage is on the spine as well as skull. Unlike the first types mentioned earlier, little and gentle pressure are done because it targets vital bidy parts and muscles. Physical trauma is lessened with this massage.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Find the right kind of massage for you

Still haven’t find the right massage for you? Or you may have not yet looked for more kinds? This time, you wouldn’t have to go to every massage parlor you know and try on every type. Here is some of the most popular massages that may soothe your tired body.

Some of you may be familiar with Shiatsu and Swedish massage. These two are the common massages offered in spas. But the aromatherapy massage will also be a great choice for those who want to relax, energize, reduce stress, and balance themselves. Scented oils are available to give you all these. The most common is lavender.

If you don’t want oils on your body, heated, smooth stones will be applied for a hot stone massage. Certain points in your body are placed with these hot stones to warm and loosen tight muscles and energy centers. This is good for those who have strained muscles and prefer a lighter massage.

But if you prefer a massage that targets the deeper layers of muscles and tissues, the deep tissue massage will be good for you. The therapist applies slower strokes or friction techniques across every grain in your muscle.

Simple massages can also be a good choice like reflexology. Some may see it as a simple foot massage, but it actually works for the rest of the body. Certain point on the foot corresponds to organs and systems in the body. So you are actually relaxing your feet while also targeting other parts of your body. It works best when you have been standing on your feet whole day.  

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The secret to becoming a Massage Therapist

Ever thought of giving someone a relaxing massage and get paid? Then you are considering a path as a massage therapist. But did you know that doing so requires the right training? It isn’t just simply pressing someone’s back to and fro. In fact, you need to be enrolled in a school to learn how to become a massage therapist.

Different time courses are available in becoming one. You may want to take a minimum training just enough to learn or more education to truly master the discipline. In the US, there are about thirty-seven states which have massage licensing laws. In these states, the requirements for minimum education are set which can range from 330-1000 hours. This will last from a few weeks to 2 years.

After learning the discipline in a school, it’s time to apply your education into practice. You may now start and develop your career as a massage therapist. Developing the practice requires more determination. Most therapists become successful after two years of good practice. Yet some easily lose their focus without ambitions and goals set from the very start.

Remember that the important elements to thrive in this career are quality work with every client, consistent positive energy levels, developing effective networking/marketing efforts, and having a warm and friendly disposition.  Getting involved in the community you practice in will also help to truly understand the practice and develop networks. The secret is becoming genuinely involved and not just by using them to get through. Your reputation will also start locally- Value it! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stressed? Get some massage therapy!

With this fast-paced life, people have encountered pressures on meeting deadlines and end up with a stressed mind and a tired body. And while some work well with pressures, others need to relax and find better ways of soothing their minds and bodies. One sure way of doing this is through massage therapy.
Massage originated from different languages like in Arabic word “mass’h or mass” meaning to press softly. The act is a combination of art and science of giving artistic hand strokes to provide a relaxing experience. Scientifically, the therapy is essential to rejuvenate the body and the mind, thus, reducing stress. There are different kinds of massage depending on one’s person needs like massage for babies, children, and pregnant women.
Massage can also be categorized in different types such as trigger point, Swedish, deep tissue, sports, reflexology, cranial sacral, thai massage, and many other “country-named” massage.  The trigger point massage aims at defining the point within the muscle tissue which causes pain. A trigger point at the back may alleviate the pain in your neck. With this therapy, constricted areas in the muscles are released without directly pressing the affected part.
Another popular and one of the most common types of massage is the “Swedish Massage.” This type of therapy is generally characterized with long gliding strokes to return blood into heart. It is most beneficial in improving blood circulation, increasing level of oxygen in the heart, and decreasing muscle toxins. In one of the studies on Swedish massage, it was found out that it significantly decreases levels of stress hormones.
There is a variety of massage that one can enjoy to ease their stress. But it might be good to start trying all of these, so you can feel it yourself. As they say, the best time to have a body massage is when you have no time for it.