Monday, March 5, 2012

Comfort yourself with the Top 5 Massage Therapy

It is a fact that the oldest way of treating your tired body after a day of hard labor is massage therapy. Well, there are over-the-counter capsules and aspirin that can take away the aching body pain. However, massage is still the most comforting means to pamper your stressed body.

Here is the top five massage therapy that you can choose from.

Swedish Massage. It relieves tensions on joints as well as on muscles. The kneading strokes are aimed to soothe the whole body. The strokes go from muscles that are slightly grabbed and pulled to pushing deep circles through the thickest muscle. Tapping, beating and chopping strokes add to the pressure which fully relieved the tension on the muscles and joints.

Sports Massage. Its techniques are somewhat similar to Swedish massage but this massage is aimed to relieve the needs of athletes. It is mostly used before a competition to warm up the body.

Deep Tissue Massage. It primarily treats the chronic tension throughout the muscles of the whole body. The pressure is greater with slow strokes yet deep friction and pressure as it aimed to relieve the five layers of muscles. Elbows are occasionally used to massage depending on the needs of the person.

Neuromuscular Massage. A type of deep tissue massage which is primarily concerned with treating every muscle and nerve of the body. It regulates blood circulation in order to reduce headaches and pain on joints.

Craniosacral Therapy. The concentration of massage is on the spine as well as skull. Unlike the first types mentioned earlier, little and gentle pressure are done because it targets vital bidy parts and muscles. Physical trauma is lessened with this massage.